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"Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters." —Romans 14:1

Romans 1:26-27; 29-31 And The LGBQT+ Community
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Hasidic-Muslim Relations in Ottoman Pale

The Flood Tablet, actually the 11th tablet of the Gilgamesh Epic, dates back to 7th century BC


Marking 150 years since the Mesha Stele was rediscovered (by the West, at least) with a cast. The Mesha tells how Chemosh, the god of Moab, had been angry with his people and had allowed them to be subjugated to Israel. Later, however, the yoke of Israel was thrown off and their land was restored. Some say it is written in the Phoenician alphabet, but others say it is written in the Old Hebrew script. Both languages are closely related.


Quote from this Sunday morning‘s sermon: “There is no dichotomy between man and God‘s image. Whoever tortures a human being, whoever abuse a human being, whoever outrages a human being, abuses Gods image.” ~Oscar Romero


The Moabite Stone (Mesha Stele), 840 BCE. It contains the earliest reference to the tetragrammaton for God (YHWH).


I have posted this manuscript before, but I really want my friends to see this and understand the significance of what scholars call a palimpsest (one manuscript written over another manuscript). Here we have poetry by Yanni in Hebrew (10th century) written over Greek Scripture (6th century). With our new technology, thousands of this palimpsest are being revealed for the first-time. It is amazing. This particular translation of the Hebrew into Greek is astoundingly literal and accurate. It is a gold mind for Bible translators.

What can we learn: Noah and the Ark? There are other flood stories too. 
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I love this photo of the Nag Hammadi Codex II. It’s s open to the last page (right bottom title page) of the Gospel of Thomas.


A large papyrus sheet discovered in Egypt in 1934 has been translated for the first time and appears to include a reference to an alternate version of the story of Abraham and Isaac in which Abraham goes ahead with the sacrifice of his son.

‘The Resurrection of Jesus in the Light of Jewish Burial Practices'
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Church Greeters Stationed At Southern Border To Deter Immigrants (Click Picture for Article)


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Rembrandt_Harmensz._van_Rijn Denial of P
The female scribe, the lost has been found.
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Beit Lehi contains the oldest known Hebrew writing of the word “Jerusalem” dated to 7th century BC “I am YHWH thy Lord. I will accept the cities of Judah and I will redeem JerusalemAbsolve us oh merciful God. Absolve us oh YHWH”


A new manuscript—The Dead Sea Scrolls

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Codex Sinaiticus in the Gospel of Mark (7:21-22), list 13 sins on individual lines as in Galatians 5:19-21, were Paul lists 15 sins. This may delineate the possibility of a scribal habit rather than the original authors’ attempts to create a rhetorical effect.

The Sea of Galilee—The storm.

Dead Sea Scrolls—Qumran

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The Romans waged both literal and psychological warfare on the Jewish rebels in the siege of Masada.
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Interesting Information for the Mark Bible Study

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How Mice May Have Saved Jerusalem 2,700 Years Ago From the Terrifying Assyrians

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Another piece of the puzzle for the Gospel of Mark: Archaeologists found dozens of rare bronze coins bearing the inscriptions "Freedom" & "Redemption" in a cave near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. These ancient coins date back to the Roman-Jewish war in 66-73 CE.Credit: Eilat Mazar/Hebrew U@i24NEWS_EN

I love this photo of Gerald Lankester Hardy and Father Roland de Vaux as they were working at one of the openings to a cave where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. The Dead Sea Scrolls were written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. There were 11 caves, but last year, another cave was discovered as I predicted.


Found on a sole of a sandal, is pictured a light-skinned Asiátic slave and a dark-skinned Nubian slave. Egypt, 8 cent BCE (?)


Scholars have said that more than likely Jesus was not a woodworker, a Carpenter, but a stonemason. However, in this newly found mosaic in Israel, one can see this Carpenter working with an adze to shape his wood.

Gleanings from the Cave of Wonders? Fragments, Forgeries, and “Biblicism” in the Dead Sea Scrolls
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Ostracon. 3,100 year old drawing of a boy being tried by a mouse and a cat. In ancient Egypt, pieces of broken pottery or stone were used as notepads as they were a cheaper and more plentiful option than papyrus which was costly and time consuming to make. ~Verveer


The Codex Bezae, in order to harmonize the conflicting genealogies between Matthew and Luke, simply deleted Luke's genealogy and puts Matthew's in its place. This is one of the largest textual variants.


Taken from portrait busts, this is the new facial reconstruction of Julius Caesar. The research was done by archaeologist Tom Buijtendorp, reconstruction by Maja d’Hollosy. ~Verveer

Exquisitely Designed 2,000-Year-Old Roman Shoe Discovered in a Well.
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Excellent article about a palimpsestsfrom the Monastery of St. Catherine at Sinai. Apparently, new manuscriptshas been identified at Sinai.
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Even in the ancient Church, they transferred their church membership from one church to church. Click the picture below for the full article. 

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Prometheus making a man from scratch ancient Etruscan gem


Newly discovered Jewish Aramaic curse tablet from Antioch for chariot races. Click the picture below for full article. 


Images of PEF textiles from Cave 1Q, with captions...

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For followers of the historical Jesus, such terms as ‘Christian, agnostic, and atheist,’ are obsolete, they are merely reeds shaking in the wind.” ~BAT

Tombstone of a Gladiator: a Thracian fighter, named Orpheus. The tombstone was put up by his partner, Julia Fusca. 1-2 C AD, Nimes Musee de la Romanite.



For you good Methodists, Millar Borrows is the Dead Sea Scrolls scholar who gave “The Community Rule”, its name “The Community Discipline”, because he thought it was similar to “The Methodist Book of Discipline”.

Creation Story...
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Upstart carbon dating study could force a rewrite of Holy Land’s biblical timeline


The House of Peter: The Home of Jesus in Capernaum?

How the remnants of the humble dwelling of Jesus in Capernaum illuminate how Christianity began. Click below for Full Article 


Half of US Christians Have No Idea What The Great Commission Is


Abba Poemen once said, "Someone may seem to be silent, but if in the heart one is condemning others, then one is babbling ceaselessly."

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It’s all Greek to me

The Greek conditional particleἐὰν and forgiveness
Brett A. Todd

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The American Santa Claus, as well as the British Father Christmas, derive in part from Saint Nicholas and in part from the Dutch Sinterklaas, the saint's name in that language
Saint Nicholas' Day, observed on December 6 in Western Christian countries, December 5 in the Netherlands and December 19 in Eastern Christian countries, is the feast day of Saint Nicholas. It is celebrated as a Christian festival with particular regard to his reputation as a bringer of gifts, as well as through the attendance of Mass or worship services. In Europe, especially in "Germany and Poland, boys would dress as bishops begging alms for the poor." In Ukraine, children wait for St. Nicholas to come and to put a present under their pillows provided that the children were good during the year. Children who behaved badly may expect to find a twig or a piece of coal under their pillows. In the Netherlands, "Dutch children put out a clog filled with hay and a carrot for Saint Nicholas' horse. On Saint Nicholas' Day, gifts are tagged with personal humorous rhymes written by the sender." In the United States, one custom associated with Saint Nicholas Day is children leaving their shoes in the foyer on Saint Nicholas Eve in hope that Saint Nicholas will place some coins on the soles, for them to awake to.
.However the gift giving associated with these descendant figures is associated with Christmas Day rather than Saint Nicholas Day itself.

Did Early Christians Think The Bible Was Inerrant?

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I had a great evening studying the Codex Sinaiticus (facsimile) on Galatians 5:19-23. In this conservative codex, it list each work of the flesh and fruit of the Spirit on single lines as noted in the photos. There are 15 items for the works of the flesh, which could represent a rhetorical effect signifying Christ’s delivering atonement, and nine fruit of the spirit, which may also be a effect communicating divine completeness.

The evidence is mounting on the possibility that Jesus was buried after his crucifixion even more than indicated in this post.
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Parchment made from fish skin? Yes, this material, too, was used for producing books - which would have a roundish shape (Timbuktu, Mama Haldara Library, MS 9167 (Kuran, 15th century).
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Jürgen Moltmann
Qumran Cave 4 (4Q) – Discovered by Bedouin treasure hunters in 1952, who were exploring right under the noses of archaeologists excavating the site of Qumran. The most legendary of all caves, Cave 4 revealed ample treasures: thousands of fragments from hundreds of manuscripts, comprising 75% of all material from the Qumran caves, including parts of biblical and apocryphal books, biblical commentaries, works on Jewish law, prayers, sectarian texts, tefillin, and mezuzot. Due to their poor condition, these fragments were among the most difficult to decipher and translate. #deadseascrollsat70
Archaeologists in Israel have uncovered a rare 1,000-year-old amulet with an inscription in Arabic in the City of David, Jerusalem. The tiny piece of clay bears a personal prayer that reads: "Kareem Trusts in Allāh, Lord of the Worlds is Allāh." ~Maya Margot
In ancient Greece, an Asklepieion Ἀσκληπιεῖον was a healing temple, sacred to the god Asclepius, Greek god of medicine. Patients brought terracotta life-size human limbs as votives to thank the god for a cure. 

Anatomical votives found in the Asclepieion in ancient Corinth. ~Michel Lara
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Quotes from Henri Nouwen
The basis of our love is the love of God. We love because he first loved us. ~Karl Barth, CD IV/2, 752
An Egyptian pilgrim flask featuring a man with outstretched arms. He is flanked by a palm tree and camel (?), with a cross next to each side of his face. Ampullae were produced in Egypt and the Holy Land between the 5th and 7th century for pilgrims visiting local shrines. ~Verveer
Which member of the Herodian family executed John the Baptist? How was he related to Herod the Great? Find out this and more in a visualization of the Herodian family tree and key events in the New Testament related to the Herodian family.
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4,000-year-old pottery workshop unearthed close to the Nile River in southern Egypt.
How tall was Goliath?

Masoretic = "6 cubits and 1 span” = 9' 6"
Dead Sea Scrolls* = "4 cubits and 1 span" = 6' 6"

*Septuagint and Josephus agree
An interesting reading from Josephus, War 6.300-9, about another man named Jesus who predicted the destruction of Jerusalem, 40 years before it happened.
"A god who lets us prove his existence would be an idol." ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer
“The problem is, many of the people in need of saving are in churches, and at least part of what they need saving from is the idea that God sees the world the same way they do.” ~ Barbara Brown Taylor
Philo's (15–10 BCE—45–50 CE) familiar words, "Then from the midst of the fire...there sounded forth to their utter amazement a voice, for the flame became articulate speech in the language familiar to the audience." (Acts 2:1-8)

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