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 Eyeglasses- Wondering what to do with those old glasses, frames, or lenses?  Drop them in the Eyeglasses Box in the lobby at Church.  Bridget Wilmot will deliver them to I Care International, a program.
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Our L.I.F.T. ladies keep bonding, having fun, and developing faith and fellowship! Church ladies are welcome to ask a friend to join us, Upcoming events are:

SATURDAY, October 14 - 11am meet for lunch at Angelo's in Spring Valley.

SUNDAY, November 5 - 2:00 in the Cafe - Join our "early Christmas" ornament making, with refreshments.

SATURDAY, December 9 - 11am meet for lunch at Four Star Family Restaurant


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Retire guide.PNG
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Guide to Senior Living in Illinois

Many families with aging adults are unaware of the several available memory care options and programs in their area that can help them support a high quality of life. Below is a free resource guide that highlights the best memory care facilities in Illinois. Check out our Memory Care Guide here:

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